Edwards Will Fight Masvidal Anywhere, Even A Park

At the UFC’s last event in London, Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal would get into the ritual of post-fight smack talk, as Edwards defeated Gunnar Nelson, and Masvidal had just handed Darren Till another major loss.

The smack talk would turn into the two men throwing hands inside the O2 Arena and become memorable because of Masvidal claiming he gave Edwards “a three-piece and a soda.” a colloquial term for a beating.

While Edwards walks into a major fight on July 20th against Rafael dos Anjos in the main event of the UFC Fight Night San Antonio card, Masvidal made history earlier this month with a five second knockout of Ben Askren at UFC 239, which put him in line for a possible title shot.

“It’s madness, really. I don’t know where all of this title talk is coming from. Just two fights ago he was on a two-fight losing streak, he was probably gonna get cut from the UFC.” Edwards said this week.

“I think the title talk is nonsense. It’s madness, but f*ck it, it is what it is.”

Whether or not the British fighter wins against dos Anjos, he wants another shot at Masvidal, whether its in the Octagon, the park, or a parking lot in the greater San Antonio area.

“I’d be happy with a straightener [fist fight] in the park. Bring him over to Texas and we can get it straight after the fight. We need to fight.”


Report: MMA Fighting

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