EFC 70 Recap: Lino Becomes Double Champ

Double the gold for Amanda “Mad Dog” Lino.

Despite suffering multiple takedowns, ground-and-pound and submission attempts throughout the fight, Lino got a third-round TKO over Rizlen Zouak to become the inaugural EFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. She now becomes the second fighter in EFC to be hold two weight division titles at the same time — the other being Dricus Du Plessis.

The fight started with Zouak unleashed a huge slam early on, and while Lino sprawled back to her feet, Zouak landed a big knee and brought Lino back to the ground twice. Zouak tried to get into a dominating top position, but Lino managed to bring the fight back to the feet. The two brawled with Zouak landing a couple of big shots and getting Lino’s back against the cage. The two briefly locked up and traded hands before Lino landed a big shot and pursued Zouak until Zouak landed a hard shot of her own.

Zouak then once again applied the pressure and stalked “Mad Dog” Zouak brought the fight back down to the ground, attempting to lock in a heel hook, but Lino countered and got Zouak’s back, trying to sink in a rear-naked choke. When that failed, Lino flattened Zouak out and unleashed ground-and-pound before trying for the choke one more time until the end of the round.

In round two, Lino got behind Zouak, but Zouak brought the fight to the ground once again, though Lino managed to scramble back to her feet. The two traded several big shots before Zouak got a judo throw in on Lino. Lino got back, and the two clinched until Zouak got in another judo hip throw. Zouak trapped Lino’s left arm and unleashed ground-and-pound for a good 20 seconds before transitioning out. Zouak remained in control, however, and almost managed to secure an armbar until Zino got out. Zino tried to unleash another flurry late in the round, but Zouak got in yet another takedown before the horn.

Round three started with Lino, yet again, trying to swarm Zouak but Zouak, yet again, bringing the fight to the ground. Zouak managed to lock in an armbar, but Lino somehow managed to get out. However, Lino hit Zouak with a knee to the head on the ground, earning her a stern warning from the referee before the fight resumed on the feet.

Zouak countered another Lino flurry by bringing the fight back down and getting into the full mount; however, Lino transitioned out and got into top position halfway through the round. Lino got into back mount and unleashed a flurry of punches until the referee stopped the fight, giving the win and title to “Mad Dog” Amanda Lino.

EFC 70 Recap:
Inaugural EFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship Bout: (c – Women’s Flyweight) Amanda Lino def. Rizlen Zouak via TKO (Rd. 3, 3:12)
Women’s Bantamweight: Bunmi Ojewole def. Jacqualine Trosse via submission (rear-naked choke) (Rd. 1, 1:23)
Flyweight: Dansheel Woodley def. Josemar Octavio via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Heavyweight: Thabani Mndebela def. Ivan Strydom via submission (standing guillotine choke) (Rd. 1, 3:11)
Flyweight: Martin DeBeer def. Yusuf Hassan via submission (rear-naked choke) (Rd. 1, 3:52)

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