Lungiambula Becomes Double Champion At EFC 71

Dalcha Lungiambula has become EFC’s new double champion, taking down Andrew van Zyl to capture the EFC heavyweight title in the main event of EFC 71.

After a tough five rounds, Lungiambula narrowly beat van Zyl by split decision to add the heavyweight belt to his resume after also coming into the fight as the EFC light heavyweight champion.

The fight was a tough one for both men as Lungiambula tried his best to take down van Zyl and although he was successful in doing so a number of times, he wasn’t able to knock out van Zyl. The first round saw Lungiambula take down van Zyl for the first time with a judo throw, but then stayed on the ground for the remainder of the round.

The second and third rounds were similar in that Lungiambula managed to get the takedown and stay in top position for most of the round.

The fifth and final round was van Zyl’s best of the night so far as he started landing vicious punches left and right from the start of the bell looking for the knockout. Although Lungiambula was fighting to survive the final round instead of trying to win it, van Zyl was the one falling behind.

As the fight ended, Lungiambula raised his hands believing he was the victor as van Zyl had his down as if he knew he lost the fight on the scorecard. van Zyl was ultimately proven right as Lungiambula is now EFC’s light heavyweight and heavyweight champion.

The co-main event fight saw Nkazimulo Zulu defeat Magno Alves in the first round to retain his EFC flyweight title. Alves initially had Zulu in trouble going for a leg lock and heel hook, but Zulu was not able to get out of trouble, but turn the tide completely in his favor.

Zulu landed a hard knee to Alves’ ribs which opened up an opportunity for Zulu to end the fight. Zulu was on top and landed numerous punches to Alves and after close to 20 seconds of uninterrupted striking, the referee stopped the fight and awarded the victory to Zulu.

EFC 71 Live Results:

Dalcha Lungiambula defeated Andrew van Zyl by split decision (48-46 van Zyl, 48-47 Lungiambula, 49-46 Lungiambula) to win the EFC Heavyweight Title

Nkazimulo Zulu defeated Magno Alves by TKO (strikes), round 1, to retain EFC Flyweight Title

Fafa Dwama defeated Asiashu Tshitamba by decision

Mutuale Basambamba defeated Hein Pavier by TKO, round 1

Mark Kamba defeated Elvis Ngwala by TKO, round 1

Cedric Doyle defeated Trezegeut Kanyinda by TKO, round 3

Conrad Seabi defeated Pietie Coxen by split decision (29-28 Coxen, 29-28 Seabi, 29-28 Seabi)

Sindile Manengela defeated Anicet Kanyeba by submission (rear-naked choke), round 2

Luthando Biko defeated Steven Goncalves (30-27 Biko, 29-28 Goncalves, 29-28 Biko)

Billy Oosthuizen defeated Jasen van der Merwe by TKO, round 1

Warren King defeated TC Khusu by submission (heel hook), round 2

Marcel Els defeated Rocky Ilunga by submission, round 2

Andrew van Zyl vs. Dalcha Lungiambula: EFC Heavyweight Title Fight

Round 1: Not a lot of action in round 1. van Zyl tried to get an early guillotine in, but was unable to. The two fighters lock up for a while and Lungiambula eventually gets to judo throw van Zyl to the ground. Neither man was able to take full control of the first round.

Round 2: The two champions start the round by trading several punches, but neither man was able to get the upper hand. Lungiambula tries to go for a takedown but van Zyl was able to counter it and land a short suplex on Lungiambula. Lungiambula manages to get another takedown on van Zyl and land a big left punch while on top. While on half guard, van Zyl tries to throw elbows.

Round 3: Another series of punches start the round, but Lungiambula gets the takedown earlier in this round compared to the last one. Lungiambula briefly tries to go for a kimura, but  van Zyl’s strikes are more effective. Both men get back up with less than two minutes in the round with van Zyl staying in the center of the hexagon. He gets a good knee to Lungiambula’s body but that’s the extent of his offense for the remainder of the round.

Round 4: Lungiambula drops van Zyl with a big right hand punch, but van Zyl quickly goes to a full guard. Lungiambula tries to throw punches while on top, but van Zyl does an excellent job defending against those punches. Both men get back and Lungiambula tries to go for another takedown, but is unsuccessful. Lungiambula tries once more and is successful in taking down the heavyweight champion. Lungiambula lands a solid uppercut when both men get back up again.

Round 5: A minute into the round and both men land a series of punches to each other, but van Zyl lands the stronger punches. van Zyl is walking down Lungiambula and keeps landing the big punches. van Zyl pins Lungiambula to the cage and land a big uppercut. The heavyweight champion keeps throwing haymakers when he gets close to Lungiambula. Lungiambula is unsuccessful in a late takedown attempt on van Zyl.

Official Result: Dalcha Lungiambula defeated Andrew van Zyl by split decision (48-46 van Zyl, 48-47 Lungiambula, 49-46 Lungiambula) to win the EFC Heavyweight Title

Nkazimulo Zulu vs. Magno Alves: EFC Flyweight Title Fight:

Round 1: Zulu opens up by landing a strong punch upstairs, but Alves manages to take down Zulu. Alves tries to get a heel hook and then a leg lock, but Zulu manages to avoid getting in serious trouble. Zulu eventually gets out of the submission attempt and land a big knee to Alves’ body. Zulu then throws a number of uninterrupted strikes until the referee stopped the fight.

Official Result: Nkazimulo Zulu defeated Magno Alves by TKO (strikes), round 1, to retain EFC Flyweight Title

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