Exclusive: Meet Eight-Time World Champion Jimmy Vienot

Mini Profile of The Biggest Muay Thai Fighter of France Right Now

Jimmy Vienot with some of his belts
The word ‘Belter’ get’s a whole new meaning! Picture courtesy of enfantsauvage.fr.


France has produced a lot of world class Muay Thai fighters, and even Thailand stadium champions. Jimmy Vienot is one of those fighters, and he recently signed with ONE Championship.

Born in 1995 he has amassed an incredible fight record of 51 wins (14 KO), 22 losses and one No Contest – as a professional.

Jimmy Vienot with the three big belts
WPMF, WBC and WMC – the big three in Muay Thai!


Vienot has won multiple titles both as an amateur and a professional:

  • 2012: World Muay Thai Federation Junior European champion -67 kg
  • 2013: IFMA Junior European Champion -71 kg
  • 2014 France Muay Thai Champion
  • 2016: World Professional Muaythai Federation World Champion -72.5 kg
  • 2017: WBC Muay Thai World Champion -72.5 kg
  • 2018: IFMA Junior European Champion -75 kg
  • 2018: WMC World Champion -72.5 kg
  • 2018: IFMA Junior European Championship Best Athlete
  • 2019: IFMA World Champion -75 kg
  • 2019: IFMA World Championship Best Athlete
  • 2019: Lumpinee Stadium Champion – 72.5 kg
  • 2019: IFMA European Champion -75 kg
  • 2021: WMC World champion -70 kg
  • 2021: Superkombat World Champion -70 kg
  • 2021: IFMA World Champion -71 kg
Jimmy Vienot with a vicious knee
Jimmy Vienot with a vicious knee. Photo from YouTube.


Vienot recently fought at the  ONE 157: Petchmorakot vs. Vienot event, where he lost an extremely close fight due to a questionable count. He dumped and swept Tawanchai so many times that it was difficult for many fans to understand why he did not get the W.

But according to the rules of ONE Championship, a fight can never be a draw, and if one fighter has been knocked down or has received a count, he will lose.

So according to the rules it was the right decision!

You can see the entire fight here:

Vienot recently sat down with FIGHT SPORTS and opened up about his life and his combat sports career and we will be bringing you this exclusive interview in the near future.

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