Ellerbe: Gervonta Davis Open to Haney, Stevenson Fights

Leonard Ellerbe has reassured fans Gervonta Davis still wants the Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson fights. 

Davis makes his first appearance since stopping Ryan Garcia last June via a seventh-round KO. Tank is the current WBA Lightweight Champion, having been elevated from his ‘regular’ title following Haney’s decision to move up to 140. His opponent, Martin, is an undefeated southpaw with Ryan Garcia as his stablemate. If Davis gets past Martin, fans could see fights with Haney and Shakur. 

“Tank wants all [Haney and Shakur] those guys. Tank wants ‘em all, that’s a fact. Just got to see how it plays out. Don’t get me started on that. Tank is focused on what he got to go do and he’s going to make an announcement…when that time comes, Tank will let you guys know what he’s doing,” Ellerbe said

Martin will present Davis with a similar style to that of Haney and Stevenson. He is a slick boxer with good defensive skills. Tank could use the fight as a blueprint to prepare for Shakur at 135 or if he decides to move up to junior welterweight to face Haney. A big factor that prevented those fights was financials and the weight class.

Davis’ side has previously spoken on how fighting Shakur makes no monetary sense, especially following his poor showing against Edwin De Los Santos. A fight with Haney would have to occur at 140, but The Dream has ruled out a rehydration clause, which Davis’ team was reportedly keen on. But if all fighters continue to win and remain undefeated, the fight may well get made. 

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