Ellerbe Rules Out Davis Against Haney – ‘You’re Not In A Situation To Make A Deal’

Leonard Ellerbe has dismissed a Gervonta Davis vs. Devin Haney fight. 

Haney has been targeting Davis since he became a two-weight world champion after beating Regis Prograis. Talks have never materialized with differences over the financials and the weight class. Davis is seen as the A-side based on his 1.2 million plus PPV sales for the Ryan Garcia fight compared to Haney’s alleged 50,000 against Prograis.

Davis is also a 135-pound fighter, while Haney campaigns at 140. For the Prograis fight, Haney even rehydrated to 165 pounds after the weigh-in. These differences no longer made it feasible to make that fight. 

“Big fights will be made when they make sense. Tank will beat all those guys. Even if you wanted to make a deal, you couldn’t make a deal because you get paid what you weigh. What you weigh is talked about behind the scenes, not in the public. We do business. They’re doing the best of what they’re doing for their team and their guy.

“I don’t know what they’re doing. They’re [Haney] not even in the same weight class [as Tank Davis]. Tank could make 130 lbs if he needed to. Tank doesn’t walk around at these crazy weights. You can’t make a deal when you’re not in a situation to make a deal. The offer that would have come that way. These fighters think they’re bigger [draws] than they actually are,” Ellerbe said

There is still a chance the fight will be made if Saudi Arabia gets involved. Turki Alalshikh has expressed his intention to make the fight in 2024. The Kingdom’s willingness to make the big fights has been seen through their announcements of Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou. The Saudis have shown they can pay fighters fixed guarantees without purse splits, removing potential obstacles. But for now, there is still some way to go before that fight is made. 


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