Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg Agree To A Cage Fight

Elon Musk has agreed to fight Mark Zuckerberg in the octagon following their recent Twitter back and forth.

The exchange came amid reports that Zuckerberg is considering setting up a new social media platform that would rival Twitter. That prompted the Tesla CEO to respond with ‘Fight me, Zuck.’

That initial off-hand comment turned more serious when Elon suggested he would be open to a cage fight. However, Zuckerburg would provide a stern test given his credentials.

In his first Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition, Zuckerberg clinched a gold and silver medal, displaying his exceptional grappling skills in the Gi and No-Gi categories.

The tech giant has long been passionate about the sport. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Zuckerberg is said to have cultivated a deep interest in mixed martial arts.

But that did not stop Elon from calling him out.

Zuckerberg was unfazed by Musk, as he responded in the affirmative by demanding the location 

Musk duly replied with Vegas. 

Although this is likely to be a case of verbal sparring, it did generate a lot of talking points on social media.

Social Media Reaction 

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