Eminem Could Join Crawford For The Spence Fight Ring Walk

Terence Crawford won the right to decide who would walk out second for his upcoming fight with Errol Spence Jr. via a coin toss, and now he could be accompanied by a mega star.

The two welterweights will put everything on the line, as they fight for the chance to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era.

And in a fight of such magnitude, it is only fitting that it attracts the biggest names from the sport of boxing and beyond.

With that being said, Bud just so happened to be discussing his walkout routine with Shakur Stevenson as they spoke about who could accompany the WBO champion to the ring.

Shakur: “Who’ve you got walking you out though?”

Crawford: “S***, I don’t know man. You know what I was thinking would be crazy s***? I think it would be dope to have Eminem walk me out or something like that. He’s never walked nobody out, huh?”

Stevenson: “I ain’t gonna lie, Eminem’s a GOAT. I ain’t never seen him walking nobody out in a boxing ring.”

Crawford: “Yeah, I ain’t neither, that’d be dope.”

“Stevenson: “That’d be fire, that’d be different levels, next level. Two GOATs.”

And it just so happened that the rapper responded to the video.

Eminem: “This is too crazy!!! You are one of my favourite boxers right now!”

Crawford: “Pull up Em! Lets do some legendary s***.”

Naturally, this generated a huge buzz on social media with the boxing community wanting to see this happen.

Social Media Response

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