Ennis Accuses Crawford Of Ducking

Jaron Ennis, the new IBF welterweight champion, has accused Terence Crawford of ducking him. 

Ennis was the IBF mandatory after Crawford’s win over Errol Spence Jr. to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era. Under the IBF rules, Crawford was obligated to make his first defense against his mandatory. But since Bud was contractually bound to face Spence in a rematch after the latter enforced it, a fight with Ennis was out of the question. In response, Ennis was elevated to the status of a full champion as Bud was stripped. Crawford, though, denied ducking Ennis by stating that ‘Boots’ had numerous chances to fight him prior to now. 

“Everyone I know y’all loving Boots right now and that’s good, I’m happy for the young guy. But chill on the I’m ducking him part. Boots had two opportunities to fight me and chose to go a different route. So chill, let the kid make his mark in the sport,” Crawford

In response to this, Ennis gave a different narrative. 

“Bud had opportunities to fight me (and still do) but you rather them strip you and give me the title instead of me taking it from you cause you don’t wanna fight me that bad. That stunt you pulled see through,” Ennis

At the age of 36, Crawford was clear that he was targeting the biggest fights out there. Jermell Charlo and Canelo Alvarez were the names being mentioned. As for Ennis, he is seen as the future of the welterweight division. But a fight against Crawford may be out of reach. 


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