Errol Spence Speaks Out Against Sanctioning Fees – ‘Where’s It Going’

Errol Spence Jr. took a stand by speaking out against the sanctioning fees imposed by boxing’s governing bodies. 

Spence’s comments came at his second press tour with Terence Crawford at the Palladium Times Square, New York. 

In what is arguably boxing’s biggest fight of the year, with the winner having the chance to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era, Spence used the stage to voice his opinion. 

It is well known that the sanctioning bodies receive a percentage of a fighter’s purse during world title bouts.

And as Spence and Crawford will put the following titles on the line (WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO,) both fighters will give up a percentage of their purse. And for Spence, he questioned the rationale behind it.

“We give three percent to these organisations, and we got to know where this money’s going to.

“I mean, you got Canelo and [Anthony] Joshua and all these guys making 50 million dollars, and these belts getting three percent of that. Where’s it going to? How is it helping the fighters out? What are they doing with it,” Spence

Those questions raised some telling points about the viability of fighters holding their belts since it may encourage boxers to vacate them in order to avoid the fees.

And in doing so, sacrifice legacy at the expense of a payday.

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