Esparza Talks Her Feud with Gadelha

Inaugural UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Carla Esparza and standout strawweight contender Claudia Gadelha are scheduled to clash in Chicago at UFC 225 in June.

As reported by MMA Mania, while both women are coming losses, there’s a bitter war between the two that goes back to 2016, when Esparza reportedly turned down a fight with Gadelha. Esparza told MMAJunkie Radio the two would normally clash over Twitter, and this the third time the fight is scheduled to happen.

“I’m just excited it’s going to happen,” Esparza said. “She’s always been like a big trash talker and we’ve had our Twitter wars which came from nothing back in the day. Up until recently, she’s either talked s*** about me and stuff on her Instagram, like calling me names and all these things about me.”

Since then, Esparza claims, the two would go back and forth over the social media platform about missed chances to fight and weight cutting.

“Even just last year, out of nowhere, talking crap about me and then right now I think she called me a dumbass and another post where she called me a little girl,” Esparza said. “It’s just her trash talking, I didn’t say anything about her I was ‘Yay, this fight is finally going to happen,’ and she was just like this, this and this, ‘see you in Chicago, you can’t run anymore dumbass.’

So I’m just like alright. You know, if we didn’t have USADA in the picture, I’d call roid rage.

Original Story: MMA Mania

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