Eubank Decisions DeGale In London

It was an ugly and very physical grudge match between British rivals James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr., but Eubank got his career-defining victory in dominant fashion.

Eubank defeated DeGale by unanimous decision (114-112, 115-112, 117-109) to win the IBO Super Middleweight Title in the main event of a boxing card at the O2 Arena in London

The fight was far from a technical clinic, but Eubank managed to score a pair of knockdowns during the bout. Eubank’s physical advantages and relentless pressure allowed him to overwhelm the two-time world champion. The first knockdown came in the second round when Eubank landed a flurry of punches.

Eubank continued to dominate the fight and landed a left hook in the 10th round, which led to another flurry of punches that dropped DeGale once more. DeGale was never able to string together a series of punches to get the upper hand on Eubank. This was Eubank’s second straight win since losing to former WBA super middleweight champion George Groves in the semifinals of the World Boxing Super Series in February 2018.

After the fight, DeGale was asked about retirement and although the former champion failed to commit to an answer, DeGale admitted that he may be retiring soon. If that is the end of DeGale’s career, he would retire as a two-time IBF super middleweight champion and former Olympic gold medalist, having fought some of the biggest names in the super middleweight division for several years.

Chris Eubank Jr. defeated James DeGale by unanimous decision (114-112, 115-112, 117-109) to win the IBO Super Middleweight Title

Joe Joyce defeated Bermane Stiverne by TKO, round 6, 2:20

James DeGale vs. Chris Eubank Jr.: Vacant IBO Super Middleweight Title

Round 1: Eubank throws a wild right hook to the body. Eubank then lands a left hand to the side of DeGale’s body. DeGale lands a quick right jab upstairs and avoids a jab from Eubank. DeGale got hit with a big left hand, but the two men quickly clinch afterwards. The two men don’t throw a lot of punches in this first round as they are trying to get a feel for each other in this fight.

Round 2: The round starts off on a very physical note as both men nearly wrestle each other, but Eubank scored a big knockdown early with a flurry of punches. DeGale gets back up, but is still being overwhelmed with Eubank’s speed and power and got hurt a couple of times after the initial knockdown, but was not dropped.

Round 3: Eubank goes on  the offensive from the start, landing a right hand that staggers DeGale. Both men clinch and Eubank nearly punches DeGale behind his head. DeGale lands a body jab, but is hit with several counter shots.

Round 4: DeGale hits Eubank near the groin, which caused Eubank to stumble for a bit. DeGale connects with a left hand in the center of the ring, but Eubank lands three straight right hands. DeGale has managed to fully recover from Eubank’s initial offensive onslaught. The crowd at the O2 Arena is cheering DeGale on, but Eubank manages to land a couple of power punches at the end.

Round 5: The physicality of the fight had Eubank pick up DeGale early in the round as both men are still trying to find their rhythm. Both men clinch once more. Eubank lands a big left hook to the side of DeGale’s head. Eubank lands a couple of body shots to pressure DeGale to the corner.

Round 6: Eubank moves forward and taunts DeGale. The first minute does not feature a lot of action between the two, but Eubank does get to land a big straight right hand to DeGale’s face. DeGale lands a left jab upstairs, but is still getting pressured by Eubank.

Round 7: DeGale circles around the ring and throws a couple of jabs. Eubank and DeGale clinch once again in the middle of the ring. DeGale moves forward and stumbles and goes to the canvas, but it is not ruled a knockdown. Eubank moves forward with several jabs and clips DeGale with a right hook in the corner. Eubank throws a series of combinations late in the round.

Round 8: Eubank splits DeGale’s guard with a left hand and then lands a straight right hand early. DeGale lands a stiff right jab to Eubank’s jaw. DeGale continues to circle around the ring and once he moves forward, he and Eubank get tangled up and Eubank goes down, but it is not a knockdown. Eubank hurts DeGale with a right hand late in the round.

Round 9: Eubank keeps landing a combination of punches to DeGale as the former world champion is still looking to find a way to start winning rounds against Eubank. There is still a lot of clinching in this fight, but Eubank is still outlanding DeGale. Eubank lands a big right hand at the end of the round.

Round 10: Eubank throws several big shots early, pressuring DeGale once more. From the southpaw stance, DeGale lands a quick jab, then moves to orthodox stance, but Eubank is still moving forward. Eubank rattles DeGale with a left hook, and DeGale is pressured to the point that he is dropped.

Round 11: DeGale goes to work the body early, but Eubank brushes it off and continues to batter DeGale around in the ring. Eubank throws DeGale to the canvas, causing the referee to deduct a point from Eubank. Eubank moves forward and continues to dominate the former world champion. DeGale has his back to the ropes and is hit with a right hand from Eubank.

Round 12: Eubank lands a counter right hand at the start of the round. DeGale tries to take the fight up close, but fails to land any meaningful punches. The two boxers exchange punches for a brief moment. Eubank lets his hands go late in the round to try and win this final round as we go to the judges.

Official Result: Chris Eubank Jr. defeated James DeGale by unanimous decision (114-112, 115-112, 117-109)

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