Eubank Jr. Confident Of Beating Smith As The Latter Aims To Prove Doubters Wrong Again

Chris Eubank Jr. has revenge on his mind as he faces Liam Smith on September 2nd, 2023.

Eubank suffered a fourth-round-stoppage loss to Smith, as the former exercised his right to a rematch. And in order to increase his chances of winning, Eubank decided to enlist the help of his new trainer Brian Mcintyre (Bomac). As a result, Eubank departed from his ex-trainer Roy Jones Jr. in an attempt to change things up. Although Smith has promised to beat Eubank once again, the latter was not worried about what his opponent could bring.

“They’re not going to be able to make any crazy changes. It’s an added danger to this fight. I’ve never fought in a rematch before. So that’s something I’m going to have to experience and overcome. You must adapt, learn from your mistakes, and do some soul-searching,” Eubank

Nevertheless, Eubank will have to avoid complacency this time around. During the build-up for the first fight, Eubank infamously claimed that he only needed to be at 50 percent to defeat his opponent. And since he came up short, Eubank could have been forgiven for being a little more cautious this time around. And yet, the middleweight has been anything but that.

“I’m going to win, I’m going to stop him – this fight isn’t going twelve rounds, but two fighters will get into the ring, fight for their lives, their families, money, legacy, their careers, and it will be fantastic to watch,” Eubank said

However, Smith will be no pushover. The boxer is the former WBO junior middleweight champion, who has been in the biggest possible fights even if he did come second best to Canelo Alvarez. So the fact that he is being viewed as an underdog once again has only increased Smith’s resolve moving forward, given the satisfaction he felt with a win the first time around.

“It felt good to just prove Chris wrong. It felt good to go out and do the things he said I couldn’t do. That was the most satisfying thing for me. I always knew this was coming through. I enjoyed it to a certain extent but I still got a job to do,” Smith


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