Eubank Jr. Not Phased By Smith’s Mind Games & Is Enjoying The Pressure

Chris Eubank Jr. has dismissed Liam Smith’s attempts at mind games, as the pair gear up for their fight on September 2nd, 2023.

Eubank has it all on the line following his fourth-round TKO loss to Smith the first time around. And given that Eubank was stopped for the first time in his career, the boxer has made drastic changes in order to improve his chances. Roy Jones Jr. departed as his trainer, while Brian McIntyre, (Bomac) took his place. But for all the changes that have been made, Smith continued to warn Eubank that it would be the same result. However, the latter is not letting Smith get under his skin.

“The boxing community knows that you can’t dent, you can’t get under my skin. I’ve been through too much. The skin is too thick,” Eubank

As such, the pressure is on Eubank to back up those words. In the first bout, the boxer infamously claimed that he only needed to be at 50 percent in order to beat Smith. But given that another defeat will increase the calls on Eubank to retire, he has more to lose. Therefore, this time around, Eubank’s approach has been much more humble. He outlined how another defeat would make Smith the better fighter, but for now, he has backed himself.

“Truth, it is a new pressure I never had to deal with before. I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying the focus it’s getting. I’m enjoying the hardship I’m going through, mentally and physically to execute the game plan. I relish a new challenge. I relish the chance to try to new things.

“I was always waking up in the afternoon and training in the evenings. Now I’m a morning guy. That’s how Bomac and their team do things. I’m following their lead. Yes, I have a nutritionist for this fight. I came in under weight for the last fight. We don’t want to be doing that again,” Eubank

Make sure you check out the fight on FIGHT SPORTS and FIGHT SPORTS MAX in the countries below from 2 p.m. ET time.


  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • France
  • Nordic/Baltics
  • Belgium
  • Greece/Cyprus
  • Ex-Yugoslavia
  • Armenia
  • Israel
  • MENA
  • Angola/Mozambique
  • Caribbean


  • Nordic/Baltics
  • Belgium
  • MENA
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