Eubank Jr. Slams Benn Following His Failed VADA Tests – ‘You Got Caught’

Chris Eubank Jr. has hit out at Conor Benn despite his UKAD suspension being uplifted. 

Benn had been suspended by UKAD in April following his two failed VADA tests for Clomiphene.

As a result, his fight with Eubank Jr. was canceled as the latter now faces Liam Smith on September 2nd, 2023.

Despite Benn claiming that he has been cleared, there are still many question marks over the ruling. The reasoning for the suspension being uplifted has not been disclosed.

As such, questions remain over whether Benn had proven contamination. In addition, the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) retains the right to appeal.

Therefore, there is a possibility that Benn is not out of the woods just yet. With that being said, Eubank reminded Benn that the British public may not be so welcoming. 

“Lawyers and court hearings and essays and [Benn’s promoter] Eddie Hearn saying all the things he’s saying… it doesn’t mean anything.

“The fact is you got caught twice, and no one’s ever gonna forget it. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t do what you did, because you did do it. You wanna say: ‘I’m absolved and it was all a big misunderstanding.’ Bulls**t,” Eubank 

However, that has not deterred Eubank from facing Benn in the future. The bout is likely to be lucrative, given the bad blood that has emerged, as well as the history between their respective fathers.

But before Eubank can think about that, he must overcome Liam Smith. And provided that he comes out victorious, Eubank has no hesitation about fighting Benn. 

“Boxing’s a business and I still wanna fight [Benn], so the fight will be made at some point,” Eubank

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