Eubank Sr. “Not Convinced” Son Can Beat DeGale

On Saturday night, Chris Eubank Jr looks to stake his claim as a force at super middleweight against former world champion James DeGale.

One person unsure if the second-generation fighter can take the vacant IBO super middleweight title is Eubank’s namesake, his father Chris Eubank Sr.

“I am not convinced because DeGale has pedigree, Eubank told reporters at Wednesday’s press conference. “I respect the man’s ability.”

“From a physical point of view there is no-one who can stand with [Eubank Jr],” he said of his son.

“But it is also spiritual and that is where Junior lacks. Spiritually I am buoyant. This is most certainly a 50-50 fight and, for the first time, I am petrified of what the outcome could be.

“From a physical point of view Junior has the upper hand. From a spiritual point of view, DeGale may have.”

“You’d think after the Groves loss you’d be humble,” DeGale said of Eubank Jr.’s loss to Groves in 2017.

Eubank Jr replied: “You’d think after the Truax loss you’d be humble.”

“We are both on the edge, Eubank Jr said on a follow up. “We are both at a stage where we can’t lose. Two fighters fighting for their careers.

“I will box your head off. You will be begging to quit.”

Facing Eubank Jr, DeGale said: “You are pathetic – I can’t wait to deal with you.

“It has all dawned on him. The retirement fight is here. He is finished. This is his last fight. He will get a schooling.”

Initial Report: Sky Sports

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