Eubanks Excited To Confront Rogan

While she’s had only one fight in the UFC, Sijara Eubanks feels its disrespectful that Joe Rogan didn’t know who she was.

Eubanks is still fuming over Rogan not knowing who she was following the announcement that she’d be facing Valentina Shevchenko for the vacant women’s flyweight title in the UFC 230 main event.

While Eubanks and Shevchenko would have the fight cancelled, she made it known that Joe Rogan is gonna get a tongue lashing sooner rather than later.

“I tweeted him but didn’t tweet back. Joe knows who I am, he knows who I was before I said it. He didn’t have to say that on his blog. I thought it was disrespectful,” said Eubanks on The MMA Hour.

“Me and Joe, I am not happy with Joe Rogan. He can’t avoid interviewing one day. One day he is going to find himself with me in the cage with the mic and I am going to let him know exactly how I feel.”

The fight between Eubanks and Shevchenko would be taken off the card rather quickly, with a Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis heavyweight title fight slotted as the main event. It would get worse as Eubanks would be pulled from the title picture entirely as Shevchenko would face her original opponent, Joanna Jedrzejeczyk, which is now slated to co-headline UFC 231 on Dec. 8, 2018.

“I ended up speaking with Dana. I ended up more like screaming at Dana. I have a pattern at yelling at Dana, I guess in our interaction. I just let him know that not only are you taking this away from me, but you are taking it away from me in a f***ed up kind of way. I told Dana, I’m going to tell you and I am going to tell everybody, ya’ll f***ed up because ya’ll passed up on what was going to be the biggest upset in probably women’s MMA history,”

“I was going to put Valentina on her ass, I was going to show up and show out in Madison Square Garden, get my f***ing belt and I was going to shut everybody the f**k up and I was going to have a blast. It was going to be f***ing amazing. Ya’ll passed up on something f***ing major, you just dropped the ball. And that’s you’re f***ing fault. You have to fix it. I went back and forth with Dana, with Mick. I think they liked what I said. We tossed ideas around, made phone calls and then we settled on Roxanne,” she concluded.

White would tell Eubanks that he appreciated her passion and would end up setting up a The Ultimate Fighter semi-final rematch between Eubanks and Roxanne Modafferi for November 3rd at Madison Square Garden.


Quotes Via: MMA Mania

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