Evan Holyfield Thinks His Father Would Beat Mike Tyson In Third Fight

Evander Holyfield’s son believes his father would defeat Mike Tyson if the two were to share the ring one last time.

Evander has let it be known that he’s in fighting shape and prepared to face Tyson one more time. Tyson recently competed in an exhibition match with fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. The two went the distance and no official winner was declared. The event is considered to be a huge success and the final pay-per-view buyrate ended up being 1.6 million and generated about $80 million in revenue.

Evan, Evander’s son, told TMZ Sports that his father has the fire within him to get the job done against “Iron” Mike a second time.

“My dad’s lookin’ pretty swole right now. I know he’s been training this whole time, even before the whole thing, so I’m pretty excited to see what happens! I don’t expect him to lose! The first 2 [fights] went a certain way and I feel like the 3rd — I know it’s all for good sport and for charity and stuff at the end of the day — but I don’t plan on seeing my dad getting beat up.”

Holyfield has two victories over Tyson. In their first meeting back on November 9, 1996, Holyfield scored the 11th-round knockout win to capture the WBA Heavyweight Title. In their June 28, 1997 rematch, Holyfield defeated Tyson via disqualification after “Iron” Mike bit his ear twice.

Fast forward to the end of 2020 and both Holyfield and Tyson have aged rather gracefully. While both former champions are in tremendous shape, Holyfield is 58, while Tyson is 54.

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