Evander Holyfield Outpoints Hasim Rahman – June 1, 2002 (This Day In Boxing History)

At this point of his career, many people doubted Evander Holyfield.

But what happened 20 years ago today forced those people to think twice. It also showed how Holyfield’s skills might have been old, but it still worked.

Holyfield outboxed Hasim Rahman from jabbing to punches and even headbutting, which caused an ugly bruise over Rahman’s left eye. The bruise that was slightly smaller than a baseball forced the referee to stop the fight at a minute and 40 seconds into the eighth round.

The results then relied on the scorecards, which two of the three had declared Holyfield the winner.

“He was head-butting me,” Rahman said at the time. “I pointed that out to the referee. I felt every time I threw a right he would drop his head and head-butt me. I don’t think Evander beat me.”

“The only thing you can do is do your best,” Holyfield said.

“When it goes to a decision, it is good to know the decision can go my way sometimes.”

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