Evander Holyfield Sends James ‘Buster’ Douglas To Canvas In Third Round – October 25, 1990 (This Day In Boxing History)

Over three decades ago, Evander Holyfield made James “Buster” Douglas’ heavyweight title run as short as possible.

Holyfield (44-10, 29 KOs) knocked out Douglas (37-6, 24 KOs) in the third round for the WBC, WBA and IBF world heavyweight belts.

Douglas, an underdog coming off a win over heavyweight Mike Tyson, had ballooned to 246 pounds compared to lean Holyfield who came in at 208 pounds.

Holyfield controlled the first two rounds as Douglas looked for answers. He landed 66 of 100 punches while Douglas landed 20 of 69.

In the third round, Douglas tried to catch Holyfield with a right uppercut, but Holyfield stepped back and threw a right, catching him on the chin. He was sent to the mat on his left, taking the referee’s count of ten.

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