‘Everybody Loves Ratner’: Marc Ratner Enters UFC Hall Of Fame

A seasoned referee has finally reached Hall of Fame status.

Marc Ratner is being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame today, September 23, after decades of officiating combat sports from high school and college and becoming a major leading figure in the UFC.

“The guy’s a f—ing legend,” UFC President Dana White said. “He’s also shown a different side to mixed martial arts, and he did so during a time when people either weren’t listening or had thought they had already made up their mind about the sport.”

“I’ve been in this business since I was 19. Everybody hates everybody. That’s just the way it is. But not Ratner,” White added. “Everybody loves Ratner. He’s humble; he’s a great human being. He’s such a huge asset to the UFC, as well as to combat sports as a whole.”

But before finding his way to the UFC, he was part of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

One of Ratner’s career moments was when he was executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission during the iconic, unexpected “Fan Man” incident.

It was in November 1993 in Las Vegas. Riddick Bowe, who was the undisputed heavyweight champion, met Evander Holyfield for a rematch. Suddenly, moments into the seventh round, James “Fan Man” Miller parachuted into the ring, delaying the fight for 21 minutes.

“There was nothing in the rule book that explained what to do when someone flew into the ring,” says Ratner. “So I knew I needed to go straight to the timekeeper and ask how much time was left when the fight was paused.”

In 2006, he was hired as vice president for regulatory affairs by former CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.

Now his legacy will be cemented in Las Vegas during the Hall of Fame ceremony.

“I have always believed the Hall of Fame should be about the fighters, but I am honored,” Ratner said.

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