Evinger Regains Invicta Title on Appeal

At Invicta FC 20, Tonya Evinger lost her bantamweight championship via first-round armbar to Yana Kunitskaya, which was seen as quite the shocker.

Just as shocking, the Missouri Office of Athletics has announced today that Evinger has won her appeal and will be given her championship back, with the bout’s decision changed to a no contest.

In a statement to MMA Fighting, the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration — the parent organization of the athletic commission — said: "The Missouri Office of Athletics reviewed the video and audio along with a statement from the referee of the Tonya Evinger vs. Yana Kunitskaya contest at Invicta FC 20 on November 18, 2016.  The Missouri Office of Athletics determined the official result of this bout must be changed to a no contest. The MMA database has been notified, and should update the record within the next couple of days."

In Evinger’s appeal, she claimed she was forced to tap due to a referee’s ruling. Evinger stepped on the face of Kunitskaya — who was grounded — in an attempt to shove off and get out of the armbar, but referee Mike England told her that was not allowed — even though it is allowed under MMA rules, just not stomping or striking.

Invicta president Shannon Knapp said she will look to have the two in a title re-match as soon as possible.

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