Ex-Coach: Walker Blaming All But Self

Johnny Walker recently announced he had parted ways with coach Leo Gosling following his loss at UFC 244 in November, electing to join TriStar Gym in Canada.

Now, his ex-coach is speaking out following Walker’s comments about the events leading to their split.

Walker Parts Way With/Blames Coach

The Brazilian coach, who trains fighters in Portugal at Invictus gym, claims most of the stresses Walker referred to in his recent comments were caused by the fighter’s own doing. According to Gosling, Walker was focused on more on girls and money rather than his featured prelim fight with Corey Anderson.

“He brought a girl from Canada to stay with him in his hotel room, and I said ‘No, it’s not time for this, let’s stay together and focused,'” Gosling said. “He kept saying, ‘No, I’ll beat this guy up, trust me.’ He was very bossy, and I didn’t want to cause any trouble.

“The other ‘stress’ he [talked about] was about a UFC ticket I asked for [to give] a friend. He said he would give it to me, but then gave it to someone else. This girl came from France for the event, and he left her hanging. That’s what he means by ‘stress.’

Gosling added, “He was bothered by the percentage he was paying me, 10 percent, which I thought was little, but accepted it.”

He claims all the material things got to Walker’s head and it led to getting finished in the first round by Anderson inside New York’s Madison Square Garden. And in the aftermath, Gosling claims Walker is blaming everyone but himself for the loss.

“We went to war several times together,” Gosling said. “What happened to Johnny was fame, success and money going over his head. He became friends with other coaches, other managers, everybody telling him ‘Leo is a small (coach), if you want to become champion you have to train in big teams.’ I was open to that and even took him to a big team in Russia, American Top Team. I was there with him, no problem at all. I have an open mind, I know that one coach can’t teach all disciplines. It’s impossible to be good in everything.

“He needed to use that as an excuse, he didn’t own up his loss because he didn’t train enough. He missed practices, he went out to meet women. He met women during fight week and asked me to leave the hotel. He became authoritarian, bossy, and I kept my cool and didn’t raise my voice. He didn’t have the guts to call me and say he was leaving me. He’s not obligated to stay with me, but… Johnny will show his true self day by day. People will see who he truly is.”

Gosling says he hopes one day he has the ability to forgive Walker, and perhaps the two can reunite down the line. But Gosling says above all, he wants Walker to learn.

“I hope he becomes champion because that will be the result of my work,” Gosling said, “But would also understand — and thinks it’s good — if he trips and falls back to square one. Maybe he reunites with those he abandoned along the way. He knows what I’m talking about. I don’t wish him bad, I just wish he learns.”

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