Ex-UFC Champ Mark Coleman Responsive After Fire Rescue

Mark Coleman, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, is now responsive in hospital after being admitted in the aftermath of saving his parents from a house fire. 

As we have reported previously, the fire took place on March 12 near Toledo, Ohio. It is claimed the fire started in the kitchen, although the exact cause has not been established. Coleman reacted by saving his parents from the fire.

He returned to save his dog, Hammer, only for the 59-year-old to suffer from smoke inhalation. Coleman was airlifted to the hospital, while seven fire departments arrived at the scene. Wes Sims, Coleman’s close friend and ex-UFC fighter, gave his initial thoughts. 

“I’m a very firm believer in the power of prayer. I sent family and some friends a few pictures of Mark Coleman’s current condition. I know Mark, if he could talk he’d say ‘film this s***, Wes, we are going viral. Mark’s parents’ house burnt down last night.

“Mark saved both [his parents] and went back for Hammer, his dog. He was life flighted to Toledo and is currently intubated and sedated. I swear to God he’s one of the toughest individuals ever created, been through so much a movie at this point could not give his life’s work justice,” Sims said

Coleman’s condition has now improved, much to the delight of MMA fans. He can be seen hugging his daughters, saying ‘I am the happiest man in the world.’ Sadly, Coleman’s dog did not make it.



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