Ex-UFC Fighter Ike Vallie-Flagg Details Lowest Points With Addiction Struggles, Stealing

The former NBA star Rex Chapman hosted the retired UFC and Strikeforce lightweight Isaac (Ike) Vallie-Flagg on his podcast, “Charges with Rex Chapman,” and talked through his past addiction problems especially Vallie-Flagg’s dependence on pain killers.

In his peak days, Vallie-Flagg was a notable name often heard around the MMA community. He came into UFC when Zuffa acquired the rights of Strikeforce back in the day and eventually procured his talents as well.

He made his octagon debut against veteran Yves Edwards at UFC 156 and managed to win the bout with the slightest of the margins. But that win proved to be his only momentous triumph.

During the conversation, Vallie-Flagg shed light on different aspects of how he got addicted to lighter opioids and eventually moved to stronger drugs like heroin and meth.

The 43-year-old informed that during his battle against Edwards, he felt an agonizing pain in his back and after the consultation with the medical team, he was prescribed opiates. The drugs immediately did wonders to him and he started to use them regularly, eventually developing dependence on it.

The drugs were a bit costly, but a phase came where he no longer felt complacent without them and started to take a higher dose, eventually inhaling them.

But these drugs were draining a lot from his money and, as his performance in the octagon also deteriorated, he was cut by the UFC, leaving him with no source of money.

But the drug craving forced him to look for other means and he resorted to stealing. He added that he was caught stealing copper bars from a construction site, but thanks to his lawyer, he got a pre-prosecution deferral and went under a treatment program to alleviate his symptoms, but the therapy didn’t persist for long.

He soon started using meth to balance the effect of stronger opioids (heroin) and continuously lied to his friends, and family but the point came where he no longer could hide his dilemma as he fell into the worst pit of addiction.

Thereafter, the 43-year-old undertook a four-year therapy program and stuck to it.

The program will end in a few months. He is currently working as a roofer in his home area of Albuquerque, N.M, and is already enrolled with BKFC where he holds a record of 3-1.

Vallie-Flagg paid huge credit to his wife who stuck with him during his worst days and is willing to make amends for the mistakes he had done.

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