Ex-UFC Welterweight Luis Pena Pleads Not Guilty To Misdemeanor Charges

Former UFC welterweight, Luis Pena, had a rough time in 2021 after having multiple run-ins with the law.

The Florida native wants to get his life back on the right track as he pleads not guilty to two misdemeanor battery charges. Pena has officially written a plea on Friday demanding for discovery, information, and trial according to a Broward County, Florida court document.

Pena faces charges of battery, criminal mischief, and domestic violence battery stemming from an October 9 arrest. According to the officer reporting the scene, Pena struck his significant other and the person who tried to intervene in the tussle near the 200 block of Southeast 12th Avenue in Deerfield Beach.

His girlfriend suffered abrasions on her hand and wrist, as well as a bite mark on her knee during this altercation. While the witness had a bruised eye and elbow laceration, reported police.

Following the incident, Pena was taken into custody and transported to BSO Main Jail. Broward County Sheriff’s Office gave MMA Junkie the following statement:

“On the above date and time, the above defendant was involved in a physical altercation with (redacted) whom he had been in an intimate relationship with for the last 1 1/2 years. The defendant did actually and intentionally strike (redacted) in the face multiple times with a closed fist and continued to strike (redacted) while she was on the ground. (redacted) had minor abrasions to the top of her left hand, abrasions on the left wrist, and an alleged bite mark to her left knee region. While the above incident was occurring, victim (redacted) observed the altercation and attempted to step in and defuse the situation between the Defendant and (redacted). At that time, the defendant struck (redacted) in the left eye with a closed fist. The aforementioned strike caused a purple contusion to the eye region of (redacted). When struck, (redacted) fell to the ground causing a laceration to her right elbow. (redacted) and (redacted) both provided sworn statements that attested to the above information, and BWC was in use and injuries were photographed.”

This incident left his then promotion, UFC no other option but to terminate his contract. Since then, Pena has made two appearances under the banner of the Titan FC, coming out victorious on both occasions.

Pena has proclaimed on his social media accounts that he has been falsely accused of the charges and the wrongdoings he is accused of are untrue.

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