Ex WWE Star To Return To MMA

To many fans of pro wrestling, Alberto Del Rio (Or El Patron) has been a rather interesting figure the past few years, mainly due to his volatile relationship with WWE star Paige.

Del Rio, real name Jose Rodriguez, is a second generation star, who’s family’s roots in Lucha Libre history ingrained deep into the culture. Rodriguez at one time would make a go of it in Mixed Martial Arts, fighting for PRIDE under his then pseudonym Dos Caras Jr, losing to Mirko Cro Cop.

Rodriguez has been an executive for Campbell McClaren’s Combate Americas promotion, and now looks to go from the boardroom and into the cage, booking a fight for 2019.

“I’m going to jump back in the cage — or in the cage for the first time — because I used to fight in rings in Mexico and in Asia, but never inside the cage,” Del Rio said. “So, for 2019, I’m going to be doing that. I’m going to be fighting in the cage for Combate Americas, mi familia, mi casa, and I’m not just saying this because my boss is here, and he writes my checks.

“I really love this company as many people know. For the ones that don’t have a clue about this, I’m a very passionate man in everything I do, and I have invested my heart in this company because they have invested their heart and money in me. And it’s not just giving something back to the Latins and the company, it’s giving back something to myself.”

McClaren initially wanted Rodriguez to be a fighter for the promotion when they began their working relationship in 2016 but would take pro wrestling bookings following his second tour of duty with the WWE.

Taking the role as figurehead president, the former Olympic wrestling hopeful, who has a pro MMA record of 9-5, would be inspired by the roster of his promotion and have the desire to fight again.

Not only would Rodriguez want to return against a major name in the sport, who according to Rodriguez and McClaren is already in play, but they look to make it the first-ever Combate America’s Pay-Per-View at the Mexico City Arena.

“That’s the plan, have a big pay-per-view because I’m going to be facing a former super champion, well known in Mexico and United States,” Rodriguez said on The MMA Hour. “We don’t have the name yet because he hasn’t said, ‘yes,’ but we’re working on it, if we get him it’s going to be a super fight. A fight that all the Latino fans are going to love because these are big names for all the Latins and also for the Americans here, so it’s going to be something amazing that will bring that pay-per-view for this company.

“We don’t know where we’re going to do it, but if we do it in Mexico City — and (to McClaren) I’m not putting any pressure, amigo — hometown advantage, altitude advantage. … We could do it in Arena Ciudad de Mexico in front of 28,000 people. Two years ago, I drew 28,000 people for a pro wrestling show, defending a pro wrestling world title.”

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