Exclusive Interview: Franchon Crews-Dezurn Feeling Confident Ahead Of Her Fight With Savannah Marshall

Franchon Crews-Dezurn, the undisputed super-middleweight champion, puts her titles on the line against Savannah Marshall on July 1st, 2023.

Crews-Dezurn may be the underdog going into the fight, but her resume speaks for itself. Her single defeat came at the hands of Claressa Shields in her first fight, which she took on just over two weeks notice. 

Although she did come second best to Alejandra Jimenez, as the latter won by split decision, the result was overturned to a no-contest following her failed PED test. 

Thereafter, Crews-Dezurn became the first-ever undisputed super-middleweight champion in 2022. 

In contrast, Marshall’s last fight was a loss to Claressa Shields in her attempt to become the undisputed champion at middleweight.

However, a win over Crews-Dezurn could lead to another title fight against Shields, which is why the bout will open up doors for the winner. 

With that being said, FIGHTSPORTS caught up with Crews-Dezurn for an exclusive interview.

Key Quotes

On her mindset: “I feel amazing going into this fight with Savannah Marshall because it’s a fight that I wanted. When she fought Clarissa I went ringside and told her like, let’s do it. My training camp has been amazing.”

On Savannah moving up: “Well, Savannah is like a natural super middleweight. Honestly, she started her career at super middleweight, then went up to light heavyweight and down to 160.

“I mean, we fought before, and she, you know, she’s a pretty big herself..But you know, when it comes to me, I just know I bring something different to the table.”

On her uniqueness: “I have something that you can’t teach. And it’s not something a lot of the fighters have. I’m not a huge fan of Teofimo [Lopez] as a person.

“But seeing him going into that fight [with Josh Taylor], I know he had a lot of adversity, and a lot of things he was dealing with.

“The way he performed and pulled it out and basically channelled that, that’s something you really can’t teach.”

On her similarities to Savannah: “When she won the amateurs she won gold at the 2012 World Championships. Well, in 2011, I won a silver at light heavyweight, 2016 I won a bronze at light heavyweight.

“We have common opponents as professionals, but I mean they were people that you know already got beat up by me or Clarissa.”


On a rematch with Shields: “We actually sparred a couple of weeks ago, we both grew as fighters. You know, she’s a full woman now. I’m a full woman. We have life experience, boxing experience. I mean, I will of course go to win.”

On her rivalry with Savannah: “We had like Twitter bicker at one point. And she tried to basically act like I didn’t exist when I was a top dog in a weight she was at.”

On the pressure: “I want to be the best, I always want to perform. I want to show up and do what I have to do. You know, fighting in a different country is not new to me. I’ve been a Team USA alumni for over 12 years. So I’m comfortable performing on world stages.

On being the underdog: “Everybody has their own perception. And that’s what it’s all about. If you put lesser opponents in front of me for 90% of my career, I will look like a monster.

“I don’t think Savannah underestimates me. I know she knows what time it is because we’ve been in the ring together. And she knows how I’m coming.”

On the challenge: “Savannah is a talented fighter. She has a pedigree, but I don’t feel like she’s the toughest fight in my career.

“The most [toughest] fights I [have] had was against politics and people. If everything else is fair, it’s gonna be a good night for me.

“Alexandra [Jimenez] and Clarissa would be my toughest fights.”

On her prediction: “I predict it’s going to be a good fight. I feel like, it’s just gonna be a fight that I get to really show what I’m made of. I’ve been training very hard and working hard.”

On her future after Savannah: “The opportunities are endless because I’m, I feel like I’m gonna a pound-for-pound champion.

“And right now is the time for the women to get paid, get notoriety. So that’s my goal.

“I’m a prize fighter. And that’s what I tend to do. And I also want to continue to build my legacy.”

You can catch the fight live on FIGHTSPORTS MAX right here, restrictions may apply in some countries, from the AO Arena in Manchester.

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