Exclusive Interview: Ognjen Topić

Meet American Muay Thai Fighter Topić, Who Resides In Thailand

Ognjen Topic Omnoi Stadium Champion
On July 2nd 2022 Topic became the Omnoi Stadium champion in Thailand. Private photo.


The hardcore Muay Thai fans know who Ognjen Topić is – the rest of the world, please pay attention!

Topić is 36 years old and fights the best Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. He trains at the infamous P.K. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym alongside the likes of ONE Championship world champion Tawanchai.

He  is a Bosnian-born Serbian American Muay Thai fighter, and holds several Muay Thai world titles and has fought for ONE Championship, Lion Fight Promotion, at Rajadamnern Stadium, Omnoi Stadium, Max Muay Thai and Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. The highest level in the sport of Muay Thai!

The world champion took time out of his busy schedule to join FIGHT SPORTS by video on Tuesday October 25th to tell his honest story.


FIGHT SPORTS: Champ please tell our readers the “Ognjen Topić story”.




FIGHT SPORTS: yeah I get what you mean. So when did Muay Thai enter your life?



FIGHT SPORTS: so at that time you didn’t know the name of the sport, or….?



FIGHT SPORTS: let the journey begin, ha ha.

So how did your parents react to you wanting to practise Muay Thai?



FIGHT SPORTS: right. So how did you actually manage to go about it all?



FIGHT SPORTS: ha ha ha, okay.

So did you study or work at this time too, or…?



FIGHT SPORTS: so you didn’t start off your day with a run in the morning, before you went to work?



FIGHT SPORTS: did you always go to the same camp every time you went to Thailand, or did you try something different and ended up with a favourite camp?



FIGHT SPORTS: right, so you’ve been fighting in Thailand for, ahhh, five years now, or….?



FIGHT SPORTS: what are your actual ambitions these days? Do you have any specific goals?



FIGHT SPORTS: so the Raja title and the Thailand title? No Lumpinee title?



FIGHT SPORTS: really? That’s really sad.

Right we have to talk about being all alone in Thailand: it must be really hard when you lose a fight. Can you talk a bit about the emotional side of things please?



So there you have it: follow your dreams and anything’s possible. Everybody at FIGHT SPORTS would like to thank Ognjen Topic for taking time to do this interview and also wish him the best of luck in his future fights.


135 lb / 61.63 kg Omnoi Championship Title Fight

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