Exclusive Interview This Saturday: Andrei Stoica

The Former Superkombat Super Cruiserweight World Champion Tells His Story

Andrei Stoica Middle Kicks his Opponent
Andrei Stoica Middle Kicks his Opponent. Picture courtesy of ONE Championship.


Andrei Cătălin Stoica is a Romanian Kickboxer competing in the Light Heavyweight division of ONE Championship, where he is the title contender.

Born on May 1st, 1987 he grew up watching his father box, and he eventually gloved up together with his brother, and a long, successful journey began.

Nicknamed “Mister KO”, Stoica is the first to win the Superkombat Super Cruiserweight championship, and he also held the Superkombat record for most consecutive title defenses.

He was ranked #5 in the world in the Light Heavyweight division during his reign as the Superkombat Super Cruiserweight champion.

Stoica also competed in Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) and he won the national championship three times, and even the the European championship once.

While perhaps best known for competing in the Superkombat Fighting Championship, he has also competed for K-1, Glory Kickboxing, LEGEND and Dynamite Fighting Show.

Stoica recently sat down with FIGHT SPORTS and talked about the past, present and future, and this Saturday we are publishing the exclusive interview with Mr. KO.

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