Expect Plea Deal & Reinstatement For McGregor

On Thursday, Conor McGregor will return to Brooklyn for the first time since being arrested in April, for throwing a dolly through the window of a UFC bus at UFC 223 media day.

McGregor and Co-Defendant Cain Cowley, will have their first hearing in front of a judge at the Kings County Courthouse. McGregor stands charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief and Thursday’s hearing could lead to an end of McGregor’s legal woes, or continue what could be a long process.

FIGHT SPORTS spoke with The Fight Lawyer, Dmitry Shakhnevich, Esq, host of the Fight Lawyer Podcast, about McGregor’s hearing and what may come out of it.

McGregor and his legal team must report to Part A-P1F (where felony appearances are held) at 9:30 sharp on Thursday morning. In hopes to avoid any potential issues, Shanknevich believes that McGregor’s lawyers have worked a deal with the court, so McGregor can arrive later under special circumstances.

“It would be smart for his lawyers to contact the court and ask to come in for the afternoon session, when nobody else is going to be there,” Shanknevich told FIGHT SPORTS on Tuesday.  “…otherwise it will be a circus, and the judge won’t be able to take control of the courtroom.”

The New York based attorney believes while it is likely the judge would allow McGregor to attend the afternoon session, some judges just want to leave. “Some judges will say no,” claimed The Fight Lawyer, “‘I don’t want to work past lunch, get here at 9:30 and I’ll figure it out.'”

Once in the courtroom on Thursday, McGregor has a number of scenarios that could play out when in front of the judge.

Shakhnevich explained that a best case scenario is the “case would be resolved by a dismissal, which is unlikely but possible.”

In that scenario, McGregor would get what is called a “disorderly conduct plea” which Shakhnevich explained as “a non-criminal disposition, its a violation. Basically its a slap on the wrist that would come with some alternative sentencing options (anger management, community service, etc.).”

While that certainly is in play, the most likely scenario is McGregor copping a plea.

“The most likely scenario, I would think is (McGregor) pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. Which is not a violation, but a criminal offense. So now you have immigration issues you need to be aware of.”

The worst case and least likely scenario for the former UFC champion, is the case going to trial. If it were sent to trial, McGregor would most likely end up losing and face jail time. Shanknevich claims this scenario is “highly unlikely.”

When asked about the options the UFC would have based on the outcome of Thursday’s hearing, Shankevich is certain they’d never cut McGregor from the roster, but would face some type of internal reprimand for throwing a hand truck into one of their buses.

“If it’s resolved by Thursday… depending on the way it’s resolved, they [the UFC] can reinstate him right away”.


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