F1 Driver Aspires To Be In “Rico” Shape

Rico Verhoeven’s new book on his life and fitness may apply to many people, but not for 20 year old F1 Driver Max Verstappen.

Verstappen is a big fan of his fellow Dutch sports star, and wish he was able to look more like the GLORY heavyweight champion.



“Ideally I would have looked like Rico Verhoeven. But I would never fit into an F1 car again!” he told Men’s Health.

While Verstappen would want for this to happen, the 5ft 9in driver needs to stay on weight to be able to fit in his car.

“I would have preferred to train a bit more, but that is not allowed because I have to stay on weight… I cannot be heavier than 73kg.”

Verstappen, like all F1 drivers, need to watch their weight closely to knock off crucial split seconds off their race time.


Original Story: Men’s Health

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