Famous Boxers Who Like to Gamble

Boxing is an adrenaline-filled game. Boxers look for hobbies like gambling to quench their adrenaline levels in their free time. With the evolution of betting nature, they can bet on their fights and wedge on any upcoming fights

The article will look at the most popular boxers who like to gamble and outline their favorite gaming habits. These boxers have also influenced their respective fan base to partake in similar habits, including online gambling. With the rise of mobile gambling, you can access your favorite casino games anywhere at any time. For instance, you can play poker online at Ignition Casino to get fast and easy payouts. Here are famous boxers who love to gamble.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is a bonafide champion in the ring, boasting many accolades throughout his boxing career. Moreover, his leisure activity of gambling is also paying off away from the ring. The Filipino boxer is an interesting gambler. He has spent money in popular casinos worldwide, including Las Vegas, Australia, and Macau. In 2012, he was photographed with a large cash stack at a Las Vegas casino. 

After retiring from boxing and joining Philippine politics, his stint with gambling faded in public eyes. Nobody knows if he is still actively gambling; maybe it’s better that way, considering the career shift.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

It is only natural that Floyd Mayweather follows Manny Pacquiao on this list. As the richest boxer in the world, Mayweather is a notorious gambler, popularly known for staking considerable sums in his bets.

Floyd’s love of gambling has also influenced him to bet on his matches. Before fighting Conor McGregor, he placed a $400,000 bet on his win. As that wasn’t risky enough, he staked on other sports where he raised the profit to $800,000 on the same night. 

Floyd Mayweather is not only a gambler of sports but also a lover of online gambling and casinos. He is an open character and has admitted this severally through his socials. You can always see him boasting a big win through these online platforms.

Mike Tyson

You’ve probably heard of Mike Tyson, even with less boxing knowledge. Like Floyd Mayweather, he was notorious for gambling practices, especially in his prime. Imagine a young man, barely in his 20s, winning the lottery. That is the exact situation Tyson was in as a young man after several fights for the World heavyweight champion

Famously known as Iron Mike, he would hang out in casinos whenever he had no scheduled fights. As aggressive as he was in the ring, he reflected the same in his betting tendencies, where he placed big amounts. 

Currently, in his retirement, he has adapted to a more controlled betting habit. Therefore, with different gambling websites using his name, he has likely visited an online casino to spin the reels now and then. 

Evander Holyfield

In his prime, Evander Holyfield was an absolute force in the ring. Through his fights, he gained popularity and money. Regular excursions to Las Vegas and other US casinos were one of the ways the legendary boxer relaxed and had fun.

He preferred to engage in a variety of casino games that aided him in developing the adventurous spirit the majority of boxers possess. Evander still enjoys sports and casino gaming from time to time.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is an adrenaline ‘junkie’ when in his original element. He once headed to a casino in Las Vegas immediately after a fight against Otto Wallin. The 47 stitches, as medicated after the fight, were still insufficient to stop him from gambling. His win in the ring was followed by a $500 profit-win plus a couple of beers that night.

However, Fury’s betting situation is unique. Earlier this year, he condemned betting through his official Twitter page, stating that it harms participants’ mental health. His action after the October 2021 fight is deemed as a reactionary action as a result of over-excitement. 

Oscar De La Hoya

The boxer to complete our list is Oscar De La Hoya, a promoter of the sport and a former professional boxer in his own right. Like his colleagues on the list, he is also a notorious betting character. 

He is normally referred to as a passionate gamer. His favorite casino game, according to several sources, is baccarat. It is claimed that he once bet over $20,000 on a baccarat game. He recently claimed to have staked $500,000 on Tiger woods to win the masters through his Twitter account.


Boxers are multimillionaires, sometimes earning your entire career savings in one match. Gambling is mostly a leisure activity for them. As an individual emulating to gamble like your favorite boxer, it is important to play responsibly and risk a small and affordable amount you can comfortably afford to lose.

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