Fans Rave Over Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland’s Boxing Skills

Tom Holland has not taken media by storm with just his acting skills.

The Twitter users are in awe of the 25-year-old after a video was posted in September resurfaced. Holland could be seen honing his glovework with impressive agility and power.

Several actors spar regularly to be in shape, but fans don’t think there is any celebratory who can outbox Holland.

The English actor is all over the social media after his recent film Spider-Man: No Way Home was released last week.

Holland showed perfect head movement and showed a good combination of quick jabs while being on his toes. Fans reckon the young actor could give his colleagues a run for their money if he ever decided to enter in an exhibition bout.

But Holland’s fans know that the actor’s love for the sport is not new. Holland has been seen sparring and working on his hand speed long before he began playing Spiderman for Marvel. Fans have spotted him doing pad work in makeshift beach gyms as well.

Holland likes to do most of the movie stunts on his own, unlike other actors who play superheroes.

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