Fans Skeptical Of Fury’s Claim That Ngannou Is The ‘Biggest Risk’

Tyson Fury is not taking Francis Ngannou lightly in the run-up to their fight on October 28th, 2023, despite boxing fans questioning the challenge that he poses.

The two will face off in a crossover event that will see Ngannou make his boxing debut against the WBC heavyweight champion of the world. Understandably, Fury is the huge favorite given that he is one of the top heavyweights in the world. But during their initial presser, there were question marks over whether the ‘Gypsy King’ was taking this match-up seriously. The boxer’s physique was not in the condition that was expected, with Fury looking a lot heavier than usual. Despite this being the case, Fury reassured his fans that he was not overlooking his opponent in any way.

“The biggest risk of all is, fighting a MMA fighter and I’m the world heavyweight champion. So what happens if he beats me? Ridiculed. It would be like getting beat by Liverpool for Manchester United, 7-0, wouldn’t it? How do you come back from that?All of these opponents I face, they are all risky fights, or are all big men – like anyone over 14 stone is a big man. All of these guys are big lumps and when I fight them the risk is always the same, they’ve got a puncher’s chance. But I never leave a stone unturned. That’s one thing I do,” Fury

Nevertheless, those comments may simply be an attempt to generate interest in the fight. The reaction to Ngannou’s boxing has shown that there is not a lot of enthusiasm to see it happen. In response to Ngannou’s media workout, both Caleb Plant and even John Fury were very critical of Ngannou, showing a clear lack of belief in the former UFC heavyweight champion’s skills.

“That’s as awful as a jab can be,” Plant

“Just seen Francis Ngannou and Mike Tyson and that so-called trainer what’s got the pads on, seen the open workout. I hope he’s kidding along and he’s playing possum here. I hope that’s a joke and intended to be a laugh. Because if it’s not, he ain’t got a prayer. He ain’t got a cat in hell’s chance. He won’t get out of the first round. It’s probably going to be Tyson’s quickest knockout,” John Fury

It is not surprising, then, that the social media response was clear that it will not be a competitive fight at all.

Social Media Reaction

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