Fans Start Petition For Bisping To Be Knighted

While he may never fight in-front of them again, the UK fans want to salute Michael Bisping one more time, with knighthood.

The former UFC middleweight champion recently retired as a fighter due to issues with sight in his right eye, and fans in his native land want to secure Bisping a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.

Fans have started an online petition with the hope of netting 2,000 signatures

online petition has been started with a goal of 2,000 signatures, with nearly 1,200 as of this writing.

“Michael Bisping has established himself as one of the most successful and longest tenured fighters in UFC history while also becoming a pioneer for MMA in the United Kingdom,” the petition reads.

“He is an inspiration for young fighters  around the country and this should be recognized with a knighthood. All hail The Count!”

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