Fedor Emelianenko Being Shadowed by FBI

Fedor Emelianenko has been preparing for his Bellator 198 showdown with Frank Mir as part of the MMA promotion’s tournament to crown a new heavyweight champion. What he did not seem to expect was a knock on his hotel room door from the FBI.

As reported by The Telegraph, FBI officials knocked on his hotel door while the legendary MMA fighter was out for a walk with members of his entourage. The officials waited for him and spoke with him, and some reports state the FBI members have been at the hotel multiple times over the last few days.

There is no word on why the FBI officials wanted to talk with the Russian fighter and there’s no indication he is in any legal trouble. It should be noted that the former PRIDE champion has had past working relationships with Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump, so speculation is he could have been questioned about a possible connection between the two presidents.

The Telegraph claims Emelianenko has “friends, who are fans, in very high places,” however, Bloody Elbow states that claim is inaccurate. The Bloody Elbow report says while Emelianenko has had working relationships with the presidents, it was nothing more than that — no friendships.

Emelianenko has served as deputy of the Belgorod Regional Duma and was a staff member of Russia’s Council of Physical Fitness & Sports. His relationship with Putin helped the legalization of MMA in the country — as well as Emelianenko being named Russian MMA Union President — and led to Emelianenko being a part of Putin’s re-election campaign.

His relationship with Trump is a lot shorter and simpler — Trump invested in Affliction when the MMA clothing line tried to promote events in the mid-2000s. Emelianenko was a headliner for the two events the promotion held before folding.

Original Story: The Telegraph

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