Fedor Explains Why The FBI Talked To Him At Bellator 198

Prior to Fedor Emelianenko’s return to the Bellator cage at Bellator 198, FBI agents would show up at his hotel and request to speak with the fighter.

Emelianenko, who was set to face Frank Mir in the first round of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix, spoke with the agents, and now in a conversation with RIA Novosti, he revealed what happened during the conversation.

”We returned to the hotel, and the FBI officer was waiting for us. He introduced himself, gave his business card and said that we should go directly to him in the case of force majeure situations,” Emelianenko told RIA Novosti (h/t CrimeRussia). “

(A force majeure is a contractual exemption of two parties from obligation or liability following an extraordinary event that could not be anticipated takes place.)

Some believe this has something to do with the current investigation of U.S. President Donald Trump and the potential of tampering by the Russian Government with the 2016 election.

The only connection between President Trump and the former PRIDE star was fighting twice for the Affliction MMA promotion, owned by Trump, and ran by Michael Cohen, who was Trump’s personal lawyer and under investigation by the United States Government for helping the President in allegedly covering up affairs.

Emelianenko had little to say on the matter, saying to the reporter that, ”I do not know why he offered his assistance.”


Transcription/Translation: Bloody Elbow

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