Feldman: McGregor To Influence Future BKFC Operations

David Feldman expects Conor McGregor to have a lot of influence in the future of BKFC. 

McGregor became a part owner of BKFC, making the announcement during the BKFC KnuckleMania 4 card on April 27. Under the deal, ‘McGregor Sports and Entertainment’ will have a stake, leaving Triller as the majority shareholder. McGregor’s influence at BKFC had been slowly increasing before his deal. McGregor appeared at BKFC 41 in April 2023, facing off against Mike Perry.

His drink beverages, Proper Twelve and Forged Irish Stout, also sponsored BKFC events. While McGregor is preparing to face Michael Chandler at UFC 303 on June 29, his post-UFC career is taking shape. McGregor is now 35 and has not fought since losing to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021. Since there are questions over whether McGregor will be the same fighter following a career-threatening leg injury, his ventures outside the Octagon are more vital than ever. Feldman expects McGregor to play a key role in BKFC. 

“We wouldn’t have gotten Conor McGregor involved to be a silent owner. Like, we don’t just want him to be a partner and not say anything and not do anything and not help move the needle. We got him involved to really help move the needle for us, to do different introductions, come up with some good ideas.

“He built himself into superstardom, so hopefully he can help some other fighters do that, as well. He’s a minority owner, but he has a lot of say in this company. He’s going to be part of the board. So we’re going to get a lot of usage out of Conor McGregor. And so far, so good. You know, very, very enthusiastic. I just hope things keep moving that way,” Feldman said

Canelo vs De La Hoya

Elsewhere, McGregor is open to promoting a fight between Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya. McGregor’s comments came following Canelo and De La Hoya’s heated words at the pre-fight presser for the Jaime Munguia fight. The Golden Boy promoter reminded Alvarez of how he helped build his career, telling Canelo to put some ‘respect’ on his name. Canelo accused De La Hoya of stealing money from his fighters, almost resulting in a clash between the two. Security intervened to prevent things escalating further as both men were ready to throw punches. 

“I was ready, clenched fists and all. Obviously, he’s not going to do anything. He’s got a fight Saturday. He can’t take the truth. A fighter like that can’t have me around because the attention is diverted off him. He hates that. I know how to get under his skin,” De La Hoya stated

“He insulted me and I don’t want to permit that. I will [punch him]. If he came closer, I punch him. He’s a f****** asshole. If he came really close to me,. I’d punch him in that situation,” Canelo revealed 

McGregor has added fuel to the fire, saying he would promote such a fight.

“I’d love these two go at it Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Take off the gloves and fight, b***h! @bareknucklefc,” McGregor stated



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