Felix Verdejo Reportedly Questioned By Authorities Over Missing Woman In Puerto Rico

Felix Verdejo has reportedly been questioned by authorities in Puerto Rico.

Verdejo was reportedly summoned to meet with authorities as the search for Keishla Marlen Rodriguez Ortiz, 27, continues. Ortiz has been missing since Thursday morning, April 29. Concern grew when Ortiz didn’t show up for work at 7 a.m.

The sister of Ortiz, Bereliz Nichole, had the following to say on her Facebook page.

“I am here asking you to help me find my sister. It is not normal that she has been missing for so long.”

Puerto Rican news outlet, El Vocero, reports that Verdejo and Ortiz were romantically linked. The boxer reportedly refused to speak to police unless he had his attorney with him. BoxingScene.com reports that Verdejo and his attorney agreed to meet with CIC officials on Friday.

The investigation claims that Ortiz’s last known location was at Verdejo’s home. Ortiz allegedly showed up with a pregnancy test and claimed Verdejo is the father.

Verdejo isn’t the only person who was interviewed by police. Several others have also been interviewed. The investigation is ongoing.

Verdejo was last seen inside the ring back in December 2020. He was stopped by Masayoshi Nakatani in the ninth round via TKO.

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