Ferguson Releases Statement On Issues

Days after his wife would have to file a restraining order against him, former interim UFC lightweight champion Tony Ferguson is focused on righting the issues in his life.

Ferguson has undergone numerous issues lately regarding his home life due to potential mental health issues, that saw his wife, Cristina, have the police called to their home numerous times over the past few months.


“Thank you all for the great support!” Ferguson wrote. “I’m in a great spirits, UFC & Management are helping me find the help we need. I’m getting all of your messages, keep em’ coming!!! Thank you very much for the kind words, my family & team appreciates it. Lots of Love my Social Media Fam, keep the Faith couldn’t do this sh– without you- Champ Batting Clean Up.”

While no physical abuse has been alleged by Cristina Ferguson, numerous unsettling incidents were listed in a court filing last week in Santa Ana, California.

You can read more about Ferguson’s issues here: 


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