Ferguson Talks Fifth Negotiated Khabib Fight

Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov have been to the negotiating table five times in an attempt to set up a fight between the two of them, four of which have yet to yield an actual fight.

Now with the fifth one set for UFC 249, Ferguson broke down how Dana White finally allowed the showdown for the UFC lightweight title.

“It was about as smooth as a bumpy road, but we got to our destination, which was pretty cool,” Ferguson told Ariel Helwani on Monday. “The process wasn’t the way I envisioned it going. That’s why I wanted to sit down with the UFC. It’s about time we actually started having conversations and me being a little bit more personable with the company. It went good. I can’t say that it went bad. It just took a little bit time and a process.”

“You’re going to have to ask the UFC [why the fight is so far out],” Ferguson said of why the two sides will not face off for another four months.

“Khabib is still on his world tour. He’s doing things, kissing babies and signing pictures and doing all that fun stuff. Who cares? You know I’m ready for February. I was ready to take another opponent if they were going to f*cking do some crazy stuff but everything worked out. So we’ve got until April. We’ve got plenty of time to train. We’ve got plenty of time to not get hurt, to be very smart, to trust our teams, and give the fans exactly what they f*cking want. Fifth time’s a charm.”

“Don’t even put the words out there,” Ferguson said of a potential fifth cancelation. “Don’t even get the fans going on that sh*t. I want the encouragement. Everybody that was like, ‘Ah this is a curse,’ f*ck you! Don’t buy our stuff, we don’t want you. Go watch Bellator or some other bullsh*t. Go find some knockoff copy of what we’ve got going on here. These are the OGs. I’m original genius and these guys right here, they want to try and be gangster and sh*t like that. Hey, you’ve got to answer to me, Khabib. Right here, toe to toe motherf*cker, and we’re gonna go.”

“I’m in this dude’s head,” Ferguson said.

“He’s looking at me. He’s going to train so hard, he’s going to be so nervous, and he’s going to make a mistake. I’m going to capitalize on that. I’m going to catch him during the scramble. Scrambled eggs, baby. I told everybody, I’m going to make him piss blood. I owe him two to the chops and he owes me 20 push-ups… This guy’s got an issue and his name is Tony Ferguson, and I’m coming after him. It’s hunting season, baby.”

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