Fernand Lopez Claims ‘Francis Got Dropped’ In Sparring Footage With Ciryl Gane

MMA Factory head coach Fernand Lopez said there’s more to the sparring footage of Ciryl Gane and Francis Ngannou.

Lopez said in the full footage, Ngannou takes a knee shot to the liver and gets dropped by Gane. The clips that’s been making rounds around social media don’t show that part of the sparring session, which stopped the whole training.

“There were so many opportunities where they got the better of each other in sparring. So we couldn’t have manipulated the footage,” Lopez told LowKick MMA.

“He didn’t want me to release the whole footage because, in that specific training, Francis Ngannou ate a knee shot to the liver and got dropped. Stopped the whole training.”

Lopez, who currently trains Gane, stepped in after Ngannou called Lopez – his former trainer — “evil and manipulative” for leaking the sparring footage.

Ngannou argued that the clips make Gane look better, and Gane agreed that it did.

Gane can be seen being more technical in his striking.

Ngannou and Lopez have been on sour terms. Gane and Ngannou have also been on sour terms; backstage footage showed Ngannou ignoring Gane, his former teammate.

Ngannou and Gane are preparing to face one another on January 22 for Ngannou’s first title defense. Gane won the title shot after defeating Derrick Lewis in August, becoming the interim heavyweight champion.

The leaked sparring clips have caused fans to think Gane might have an edge on Ngannou.

“These are facts. Francis was on his backside. If he’s saying this isn’t true, I’ll release the whole footage. But, my content manager didn’t want to release it because we have privacy in the gym. When guys train in your gym, they expect things to stay in the gym,” Lopez added.

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