Fernando Vargas Open To Rematch With Oscar De La Hoya In 2021

Fernando Vargas is willing to share the ring with Oscar De La Hoya next year.

Back on September 14, 2002, Vargas and De La Hoya clashed in a light-middleweight title fight. Going into the championship tilt, things got personal between the two. Ultimately, De La Hoya was the one who scored the 11th-round TKO finish.

Things have simmered down between Vargas and De La Hoya since their highly-publicized clash. Vargas has even had some fighters who he took under his wing compete under Golden Boy Promotions. Vargas says it’s all water under the bridge.

With that said, there’s nothing quite like a bit of competition. De La Hoya plans to return to the boxing ring and not just for exhibition matches. De La Hoya insists he’s serious about making a comeback and wants to face the likes of Gennady Golovkin and reportedly Marcos Maidana.

Vargas is aware of De La Hoya’s plans and he wants in on the action. Speaking to ESPN Deportes, Vargas said he’s willing to go one-on-one with De La Hoya one more time (via BoxingScene.com).

“I’m in better shape right now than when I was fighting. Oscar, I am available. We are friends now, but why don’t we do an exhibition or a fight… I am willing, if you need an opponent – here I am. We are friends now, but there are no friends in the ring.

“Why can’t we do it for the whole public, for everyone that loved the first fight we had. We can do another one.”

Vargas has been out of action even longer than De La Hoya has. He hasn’t competed in a pro boxing match since November 2007. De La Hoya’s last outing took place in December 2008.

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