Fernando Vargas Slams Billy Joe Saunders Over TKO Loss To Canelo

Former world champion Fernando Vargas believes Billy Joe Saunders’ heart leaves a lot to be desired.

Much has been made over the ending to Canelo Alvarez vs. Saunders. Canelo defeated Saunders inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas this past Saturday night, May 8. He did so by damaging Saunders’ eye to the point where he didn’t get off the stool for the ninth round.

Vargas spoke to viewers during a recent live stream. He ripped Saunders over not continuing to fight despite suffering a quadripod fracture. Here’s what Vargas had to say (h/t Bad Left Hook).

“You’re really gonna quit like a freakin’ [expletive]. You’re really gonna do that over ‘oh, my little eye.’…Unbelievable. Unbelievable. How dare you call yourself a champion and you quit like a freakin’ female dog. How dare you do that! You’re an embarrassment to the sport and to all men because you’re not even a man.

“I don’t know what’s up with these fighters man, but these vatos are built different. And I’m talking through experience…You should feel ashamed of yourself. You gave up your belt ‘cause you didn’t want to get knocked down. At least go out on your shield, have some balls. Don’t do that, man. Embarrassing to call yourself a champion.”

Saunders had been critical of Daniel Dubois for taking a knee against Joe Joyce and not beating the 10-count due to his eye injury. Dubois was all class in his comments of Saunders’ loss to Canelo.

“I’m not going to rub it in for Billy. He’ll be going through it now with the eye injury. Maybe he’ll regret what he said about me, maybe this might teach him something. It could be a life lesson.”

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