Fertitta Brothers Sell Remaining UFC Stock

Following their cousin Tilman’s $2.2 billion purchase of the Houston Rockets this week Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta have allegedly sold the remainder of their equity in the Ultimate Fighting Championship to majority owners WME-IMG.

According to a report from Forbes, the brothers sold their 5.8 percent share in the company last month, giving the UFC sale a new value of approximately $5 biliion.

The Fertitta brothers purchased the UFC for $2 million in 2000 and were able to sell for a reported $4 billion in 2016. Each of the Fertittas owned 40.5 percent of the company, maintained passive minority interest in the company until this final sale to the Ari Emmanuel agency. According to the report, the Fertittas “received roughly a 26 percent premium over last year’s transaction.”

The Fertittas are each currently worth approximately $2 billion, per Forbes.

Original Story: Sherdog

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