‘Fight Night’ To Make Comeback After Completion Of New UFC Game

Electronic Arts has given a green signal in the revival of its classic boxing series video game “Fight Night” soon.

But it will not be available as soon as some fans may hope because the company has prioritized the development of their next UFC game, which is planned for late next year.

According to VGC’s sources, EA Canada had already started the development of the new “Fight Night” game, which is currently codenamed “Moneyball.”

“Fight Night” was intended to enter production alongside UFC, but due to “strong marketplace competition,” it was challenging to staff up for the “Fight Night.”

“Fight Night Champion” sold 790,000 copies on the Xbox 360 and about 1.14 million on the PS3 while “UFC 4” was the second-most sold video game in the U.S., right behind “Madden NFL 2021.”

“We’re very excited about UFC 5 and we want to eliminate the split focus that several members of our leadership team have had over the past while so we can solely focus on delivering migration and UFC 5 at high quality,” EA Canada told VGC.

The “Fight Night” series has seen few twitches over the years with producers introducing a new dark category with “Fight Night Champion.”
The fight game features prison fights and brutal injuries, and story-based mechanics.

The series includes: “Fight Night” (2004), “Fight Night Round 2” (2005), “Fight Night Round 3” (2006), “Fight Night Round 4” (2009) and “Fight Night Champion” (2011).

It’s unclear when the new boxing game will be available in the market.

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