FIGHT SPORTS Exclusive Interview With Teddy Atlas On His Foundation’s Mission

FIGHTSPORTS was on hand at the annual ‘Teddy Dinner’ on November 16th to get an exclusive interview with Atlas as he discussed the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation’s mission, which was named after his father.

The 27th edition of the fundraiser, which was held in Staten Island, New York, is the single largest source of donations to the foundation each year. The donations go towards offering financial and emotional help to those in need, specifically children. Atlas’ father, who was a doctor, began the vision by creating two hospitals on Staten Island. The late doctor dedicated a large part of his life to giving back to those who needed it most. And now the ‘Teddy Dinner’ has allowed Atlas to carry on that legacy. The focus for Atlas was to prioritize those who could not access social programs or qualify to meet the requirements needed to receive charitable help. Over one thousand supporters were on hand at the dinner including many celebrities such as comedian and actor Tracy Morgan, former boxer and actor Tony Danza, and former world heavyweight champion of the world Larry Holms to name a few.

Other Stars Who Turned Out

Sid Rosenberg (Radio personality)

Christopher Russo (Radio personality)

Dianna Russini (NFL reporter)

Bob Papa (Sportscaster)

Mike Mauro (Coach for College of Staten Island men’s baseball team)

Tracy Morgan (Comedian and actor)

Stix Bones (Musician)

Jason Marquis (Former MLB pitcher)

Iran Barkley (Former three-division boxing champion)

Stephen A. Smith (Sport reporter)

Paulie Malignaggi (former world champion

Max Kellerman (Boxing analyst)

Chuck Zito (Actor)

Tony Danza (Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor)

Sal Paolantonio (ESPN sports reporter)

Chris Algieri (Former WBO junior welterweight champion) 

Brian Kenny (Sports reporter)

Larry Holmes (Hall of Fame heavyweight boxer)

Bob Hurley (Legendary basketball coach)

Larry Michael (12-time Emmy Award winning broadcaster)

Exclusive Interview

“We help people that fall through the cracks because of, you know, it takes a village, right, a collective effort. We can’t do anything without good people. We find good people. We, you know, we’re on a mission to find good people and we find them here we every year and during the year, and we get people from point A to point B.

“I wish God would lend us his powers maybe a couple of days or a year, but we’re not the best or the worst or better than anyone, or less than anyone. We’re a foundation that does what we can do. And what we have really concentrated our mission on being, which is to help the people that sometimes have nowhere else to go for help.

“1,000 soldiers are going to be here tonight to go fight the fight. To make sure that the people that sometimes have no one to fight the fight for, we’ll fight for them,” Atlas


“Nobody loves Teddy Atlas more than me. I missed the event last year but had to make it this year. Teddy does a great job in the things he does in honoring his father who was a great doctor,” Christopher Russo

“Teddy brings joy to the arena and that’s the one thing that I love about him; he’s inspiring. Last week, he came to Philadelphia to see me where I was honored with the Dick Vermeil Lifetime Achievement award and Teddy showed up with a $5,000 check for the Otho Davis Foundation for trainers all around the world. It’s what he’s all about; he’s about sharing life, giving, and I just love the man. The amount of money he raises and the inspiration he brings to all of us is incredible,” Sal Paolantonio

“Sixteen years ago, I was named CSI coach and one of the first calls I made was to Teddy Atlas. I called Teddy to tell him I wanted my team involved in something to do with his foundation. He is the most generous and selfless man you will meet in your life. He will always thank and praise others and never take the credit for the tremendous work he does.

“The boys start at 6:30 in the morning, setting up the meals for distribution,” explained Mauro. “I am a huge believer in karma and I’m happy my team can be involved in such a great thing year after year helping out the community. This Thanksgiving event is very near and dear to my heart and I would do anything I could to help a man like Teddy Atlas and his foundation,” Mike Mauro

The learn more & to help support the foundation, go to

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