FIGHT SPORTS Exclusive: Lauren Price Chases Her First World Title Against Jessica McCaskill

FIGHT SPORTS caught up with Lauren Price and Jessica McCaskill before their clash on May 11.

Price wants to win her first world title as McCaskill defends her WBA, IBO, and Ring Magazine Welterweight Belts. Price is 6-0, as she is confident of winning in front of her hometown in Cardiff, Wales. She is an ex-Olympian, having won gold at 2020 Tokyo. Price knows a win puts her in the conversation for big fights with Natasha Jonas and Sandy Ryan.

McCaskill fought Sandy Ryan in her last fight, securing a split decision draw. She is 12-3-1. She has losses to former Undisputed Junior Welterweight Champion Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor, the two-weight undisputed champion at 135 and 140. Here is what both fighters had to say ahead of the clash. 


What have you learned in your first six professional fights?

“Um, I think the biggest thing you know, is pro boxing is a fight. You know, it was rough is tough. You’re getting…You wear a little gloves yourself. You kind of feel everything. You’re under the bright lights. Big crowd…even the fight week the way in the build up. It’s a lot different to the amateurs.”

What have you done to better yourself since your last fight?

“Obviously training GB under the likes of you know, Rob McCracken. We see more he’s done with AJ and Carl Froch, it’s just about, you know, each fight. I feel like I’m getting better. I’m settling in as a pro, you know, being more composed. Settling down and, and that’s it really just each fight. I feel like I’ve made improvements and I feel like there’s a lot more to come as well.

Have you done anything different to prepare for this?

No, I always train odd anyway, you know, I’m a full time athlete. I eat sleep, breathe boxing. But yeah, training, you know, training has been going well. As far the only thing different I probably say is sparring Chantelle Cameron last week, so she’s a pro. And then I’ve been sparring you know the girls who go into the Olympics in Paris in the summer. I’ve been doing good rounds with them.

How important is the mental aspect of fight camp?

“Yeah, obviously, the mental side of it is massive. But for me, as long as you know, I’ve ticked every box and no stones left unturned. And I mean, you know, in good physical shape….For me, that’s the mental side ticked off…And I’ve done everything I can, in my power.

What have you learned from your opponent?

“I believe I got a lot of respect for Jessica, you know, she’s a legitimate champion. I believe you know, her game is to be rough, tough. You know, she tries to turn it into a dogfight and stuff like that, but that’s down to me, you know, to stick to my boxing and do what I do best. So yeah, obviously, like I said, the respect say for Jessica, but when that bell goes, you know, we both fight for them titles and that’s it really.”


Do you have any extra motivation heading into this fight?

“I think every fight gives you a little bit of different kind of motivation, and, you know, coming off of a loss and a draw, you know, I have to show people what I can do and that I still have it. This girl being not quite, but maybe close to half my age, you know, I have other things that are going to motivate me to just really push every bit of fight that I have in me to make sure that I come out with the best outcome.”

Price is 10 years younger, how do you think that’s gonna impact the fight?

“With her being younger, she’s not as wise and not as experienced, she could totally just burn out, you know, early, because she’s  doing too much in the beginning, she’s not saving herself for the later rounds. She said multiple times that the fights that she’s had, she’s won every round comfortably. And comfortable isn’t a word that I would use when fighting me specifically. So you know, she doesn’t really have the experience to know what kind of, you know, craziness she’s about to get into. And that that lack of wisdom, and that lack of experience could play against her.”

What’s the mindset knowing that the crowd will be behind her?

The mindset will be to take all of her fans, you know, I mean, I’ve got my own Welsh T shirts and headgear, you know, had some kinds of stuff with a flag on it, and I’m ready to adopt the flag and they’re gonna be ready to adopt me after that fight. I’m also bringing Chicago with me. I have my walkout music. And, you know, we’ll have Chicago on our T shirts. And so it’s a lot about bringing Chicago with me.

Is there anything you don’t like about training camp?

“No, I eat a lot. I mean, we train so much, I don’t have to, like watch my weight for real. So I think I just kind of go numb. And I’m kind of robotic and blinders. So it’s not like, oh, man, this sucks. And I don’t want to have to do that. I don’t even let my mind go into those negative spaces…I have to always push that positivity…So I don’t really get a chance to say that I don’t like or I don’t want to lose or things like that.”

Are there any southpaws that you emulate?

Um, no, I think obviously, like they just got my style, obviously, like I watch fighters and for me, you know, I love Lomachenko. The way he moves and stuff like that, but no, I kind of you know, I just focus on on my [style] and just pick bits up.”

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