Fighting Words: Caleb Plant Believes David Benavidez Doesn’t Want To Fight

While Canelo Alvarez is on his mind, Caleb Plant will always have an interest in facing off against David Benavidez. It is all about who wants it more.

Plant (20-0), the current IBF Super-Middleweight Champion, has been fighting mandatory challengers due to a ruling by the IBF. His main goal is to compete in unification bouts. That includes facing the WBC Super-Middleweight Champion in Benavidez (22-0). Benavidez has dismissed him as a threat, calling Plant a “little guy” and that he can beat him.

“Sweethands” has stated he’s ready to fight, but sees the other side as the reason for the bout not happening.

“The reason there is a holdup on this [Benavidez] fight is not because of me,” Plant stated to Boxing Scene. “Their team has said they don’t want that fight right now. It doesn’t matter how bad I want the fight to happen. It takes two to dance, and I can’t force anybody’s hand in there with me. Until they have a change of heart, it will be a whole bunch of wishing I guess.”

Making his professional debut in 2014, Plant beat Jose Uzcategui for the IBF Super-Middleweight Title to start 2019. He then fought a series of mandatory challengers; Mike Lee and Vincent Feigenbutz. The 27-year-old main evented a fight in his hometown against Feigenbutz this past February. Plant beat Feigenbutz via TKO in the 10th round to retain his title. Following the bout, Plant called out Benavidez, who was sitting right next to the ring.

The seeds have been planted for a long time, and Plant claims he wants the bout to happen. As a result of the coronavirus, Benavidez’s planned fight with Roamer Alexis Angulo in April was postponed. With free time, there is an opportunity for a fight. The need for an audience for revenue might entice both to wait. As far as Plant is concerned, that is what Benavidez’s team believes.

“David’s promoter [Sampson Lewkowicz] was talking about how the fight won’t happen in 2020,” Plant went on to say. “Him and his team feel that our fight needs to wait. It needs to be down the road and simmer more and people need to pay more money for it. That’s the fight that I want.”

The next few months could be huge for Plant. Canelo is the WBA Super-Middleweight Champion and Benavidez is a rival. Either fight will help him reach his goal, all he has to do is choose which path he will go on.

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